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The Manchester Rock Scene

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Kerrang night at the Ritz tomorrow [25 Feb 2008|12:37am]
Kerrang's Emma Scott is playing a set at the Ritz tomorrow! As well as resident DJ's Jon and Ed. Free entry (see below, otherwise pay about £2/£3 on the door), cheap drinks (£1 shots, £1.50 pints, £1.80 VK, and others), and great music (rock/metal/punk/emo/etc). Open til 2am.


GO TO http://www.myspace.com/theritzmanchester AND SEND US YOUR NAMES FOR FREE GUEST LIST TOMORROW!!!

(X-posted, sorry if you get this loads of times!)
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Tonight @ The Retro Bar, Sackville Street, Manchester [04 Oct 2006|11:24am]

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Bass player wanting band! [08 Sep 2006|02:39pm]


Hey, I'm Jason, 25, from Manchester (www.myspace.com/jasonxxxx)
I sing and play guitar in Redscar, but I really wanna join a band as a bassist.
Always enjoyed playing bass, but never played bass in a band, thought it was about time!!

Been playing guitar since I was 10, bass almost as long (but more on and off), drums on and off since I was 14 (brief moments at band practices when the drummer left his kit, but 11 years of that has got me pretty good!), and I've been singing since f*ck knows when!

If you're good (or have potential!), are serious (as in you wanna actually "make it", it's not just a hobby), and you play music I like, then I'd be very interested in joining you!

My influences include bands like:
A Perfect Circle,
Rage Against The Machine,
One Minute Silence,
Smashing Pumpkins,
My Vitriol
and more.
Ultimately I play like me. I don't like to play anything that's been done before. I know these days it's hard to be original, but I'm gonna have a damn good try at it!!

So if you're interested, get in touch,
I WILL travel for the right band, getting transport by the end of the year.
Jason x

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Tonight, tonight... [24 Jul 2006|10:37am]

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Rubber Soul - Beatles vs Rolling Stones [23 May 2006|06:53pm]


Rubber Soul was going to be a little house party with a Beatles theme, it soon became a one-off club night in the Cavern-like Joshua Brooks; now it’s set to become Manchester’s newest monthly Tuesday night on the town…

For more info and to join the guestlist, click here.
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Breed 77 and Fear Factory pics [13 Apr 2006|12:29pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Here are the pics I took of Breed 77 and Fear Factory last Sunday at Manchester Academy 2.
Not very good pics, on my camera phone, but I do like some of them :)
Thought I'd share 'em :)

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Pics from the Oceansize gig I went to last week [05 Apr 2006|10:51am]

They're not very good as I was stood at the back, using my camera phone, but I do really like some of these! 
Pics of the band Oceansize, or pics of aliens landing in front of a crowd? :P

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Ad: Female vocalist wanted for industrial/rock band [01 Feb 2006|11:39am]

Influences include bands such as:
Nine Inch Nails
Kidney Thieves
Queen Adreena
Tapping The Vein
Snake River Conspiracy
Marilyn Manson
etc etc...

We already have a male vocalist, we want a female vocalist to do backing vocals AS WELL as doing lead vocals on some songs. For this reason it'd be a bonus if you can play guitar/keyboards/something similar, so you're not just stood there on the songs you're not singing on!
Not necessary though...

If you're interested please email us at redscaronline@yahoo.co.uk
Thanks, J
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Welcome!!! [16 Nov 2005|02:53pm]

As has already been stated, this community has been set up to cater to the needs of the Manchester Rock Scene.
You don't have to be from Manchester to join, just have to have an interest in the Rock Scene here!!
If you have, join us :)
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